Solving Parenting Dilemmas Without Tears

February 15th, 2012 by GodFearing

To help solve problems without the drama, checkout Parenting Clan; a website that assists people in dealing with everything from adoption issues to being a stepparent and handling teenagers.

Most Kids Are Moody

Moodiness is especially popular among teenagers. I say popular simply because many feel that they are expected to act that way; particularly in the presence of their peers. Rebellion is after all, very fashionable. Whining, pouting, sulking and general frustration can affect a child of any age. Just make sure you’re not the one doing it.

How To Get Around The Drama

Here are just a few tips from parentingclan that you can do to tone down the drama: set aside time each day for a complaint session; be sure that your child is getting the nutrition they need; try to keep your home as stress free as possible; don’t overreact–if you stay calm you have a better chance of them staying calm; teach your child proper methods of expression, then see to it that your child feels safe in expressing themselves at home; even though they may fight you or ignore you, be sure to nurture your child.
Hopefully this will help to reduce drama and tears in your household. Many children are being subjected to bullying and online harassment. Know what your child is doing in their private, personal life.

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