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Businesses Helping Businesses- a Sponsership Idea

Monday, September 8th, 2014

If given the opportunity to help a smaller business would a large business do so? What if doing so meant an increase in the big company’s sales/profits? That’s a horse of a different color, now, isn’t it?

How Does This Work and Who’s Idea Was It?

Once upon a time a marketing coaching company invited a bunch of larger businesses opportunity’s to sponsor an exclusive VIP retreat. They offered comprehensive packages with varying levels of commitment. One lucky sponsor (the one investing the most cash) would be awarded the title of “Platinum Sponsor.” Whereas, smaller sponsors would have their name and logo on signage, websites advertising the event, newsletters and would receive complimentary tickets; the Platinum sponsor would be named exclusive sponsor along with countless other advertising propaganda. All attendees at the event would receive a resource directory complete with all the names of the sponsors and their products.

And Who Exactly Will Attend This Event?

The business coaching company and would invite 150 entrepreneurs and small business representatives to a lavish Los Angeles resort. With a network of attendees, and widespread media attention, the benefits to each sponsor would be limitless. The coaching company promised that the attendees of the VIP event would be a looking for the services and products offered by the sponsors and that these attendees would be a qualified group of buyers. With the widespread exposure and exclusive attendees, the event promised to be advantageous to all who sponsored.

MARKETING IDEAS: Printed Plastic Bags

This particular business person had a good idea. Along with her team, she provided entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to improve their business while working less and earning more. Her claim to fame was that she could market your business to people who would pay premium prices, who value your expertise and would tell all their wealthy friends about you. Clearly, this was very high end and upscale; but it’s working for her and the coaching business she founded.

Looking for sponsorship ideas?

For more creative marketing ideas visit:  www.lovepromos.com

Dressing Your Family Warmly

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

If you live in the UK you’re already more than aware of the temperature and climate. If however, you’re planning on visiting the UK you may want to read on.

General Weather Conditions In The UK

It’s a good thing that Woolovers Knitwear is one of the biggest retailers of pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts and more because even though summers can be warm in the United Kingdom, and winters are considered mild and cool, an average temperature of 51° F (11° C) in southern areas and 47° F (8.5° C) in northern areas, wool is a good thing to own. The difference between freezing something off and being comfortable can be a simple wool jersey, sweater, cap or scarf. And make sure you choose warm costumes for kids to keep them comfortable.

If UK History Repeats Itself, You’re Going To Need A Sweater

Keeping your family warm back in January of 1982 meant dressing them to be warm enough to survive -15° F (-26° C). Apparently global warming had something to do with the cool spell in 2010 because your family only needed to be prepared for -1.5° F (-18.6° C) in December. And somewhere in the middle, around 1995, multiple sweaters would have been needed thanks to lows of -17° F (-27° C) in the late winter months.
Can you say frostbite?

Considering Your Educational Options

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

After you have graduated high school he can be a very exciting experience especially if you did quite well in high school and you have plenty of different options to choose from. This also means that you can pick and choose what you plan on doing for college. The very first thing you need to do is think about what type of education you would like to receive. If you are thinking about doing something that involves a religion then you have plenty of opportunities to find the perfect Christian online college.

Going To College Online

This can be very exciting experience especially if you are excited to look into all of the different Christian online colleges. You are going to be very surprised to find out how many colleges you will have to choose from. The very first thing you need to do is think about which colleges you are interested in. Then you need to find out how much money you will have to spend for tuition. If you did really well in high school then you might qualify for a scholarship or a grant. Another thing that you need to do is think about ways you will be able to save money and also earn money. You can also get a loan such as a new direct payday lenders only loan.

Working While Going To College

Almost every college student has some type of job in order to earn money so that you are able to afford your rent. You might also decide to live at home with your parents which can be a great way to save money however most students like to live on their own when they are 18. Living on your own 18 is a great way for you to build up your character and responsibility so that you know how to handle yourself as a young adult.

Your college experience is going to be a phenomenal one and you will be able to have a wonderful career once you have completed your degree. You should always think about furthering your education once you have received your four year degree because education is something that is extremely important.

Is it Time for Your Child’s First Eye Exam?

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Children sometimes develop eye problems early but when they have problems with their eyes, they often are not aware that anything is wrong, However, there are ways you can tell if your child needs their first eye exam. You may notice them squinting when watching TV or struggling when reading. Some optometrists suggest that a child should have a vision exam between the ages of 3-4; however, if they develop certain problems before that time, then they should be examined.

Struggling In School is Often a Clue

Children who struggle in school when reading or participating in class, could be experiencing a developmental delay that could lead to a shorter attention span, boredom and low self-esteem. Pediatricians are able to detect eye problems in children and can help when eye problems occur. Pediatricians can give an eye exam during a regular physical exam. The vision test they give during this exam screens for nearsightedness and also checks for farsightedness. This kind of exam is recommended because if a visual problem goes undetected in children, it could lead to years of learning and social adjustment problems.

Parents Can Tell a Difference

If a parent becomes aware that their child is having problems in school—specifically if their child’s reading is sliding or that they show little interest in learning– they should make an eye examination appointment for their child. If; however, the exam turns out to be normal, the doctor may suggest a tutor for learning or an educational therapist. Eyeglasses are usually the best option for a child who is having visual problems. Contact lenses are not advised because most children are not ready for the responsibility of cleaning and caring for them. Some suggest also that parents make sure that when their child is reading, that there is enough light available and that their child wear sunglasses to protect their eyes when outside and that the sunglasses have UVA and UVB protection.

Online Parental Controls Keep Kids Safe

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

When did parent’s become spineless? When did parents lay down to the whims and will of their children, for fear of offending them. Why is it so much more important these days to be a friend to your child? When did parents stop being parents? (Let’s not hurt our child’s feelings by invading their privacy, that could damage and scar them for life.)

Want an example of not having parental control? Just look to the parents of Harris and Klebold, the Columbine High School students in Colorado, who murdered 12 of their fellow students and one teacher, before taking their own lives. Their parents turned a blind eye to the doors padlocked, from the outside to the boy’s rooms, where inside was bomb making equipment, video diaries, written diaries, guns and their computers. Their parents did not question or monitor anything the boys were doing, inside their rooms and on social media sites, on their computer, since this would have invaded their child’s privacy.
Isn’t part of parenting to nurture, encourage and especially to watch your child grow. Let me emphasize the watch part. I am by no means trying to suggest that every child who goes on the internet is trying to make a bomb, or has the intention of blowing up their school. But with the ease, that information can be accessed, on the internet, it is not difficult to stumble onto and into unwanted websites, even when you are not looking for them. Somehow, even if you are (as an example) searching for a recipe for “cream puffs” your computer will pull up web sites for “puffy nipples”. Not exactly the kind of plate you want to be serving, at the Sunday family breakfast—although I still have never figured out what ingredients a Spotted Dick contains.
Although on line predators are a concern and with the entertainment value of “To Catch a Predator” with Chris Hansen, this aspect of unwanted on line contact has made parents more aware. But, it’s not just the pervert predator, in a darkened basement wearing a trench coat, trolling the internet for young boys and girls that parents need to be aware. Kids on the internet can easily stumble onto websites that contain adult oriented material, with a click of a button. What started out as a school project for English class some afternoon can suddenly turn into an education in biology and the mating habits of the sick and twisted.
So what can parents do? First off, become a parent to your kids. Who is in charge? Second, don’t be afraid to monitor what your kids are doing on line. Get familiar with your computer and how the internet works. Kids spend hours on the computer and are savvy to the inner and outer workings of how programs function. With the amount of information on line, parents can go online to learn from websites, video tutorials, and like minded parent groups. Especially find out what your child is doing on social media sites, such as Facebook and My Space.
If you find your child is spending a lot of time on line, you better find a way to put parental controls on what they are doing. Several add on programs compile a url blacklist that will block unwanted and undesirable websites, from your child. If nothing else, put a time limit on their computer use, take the computer out of their room and move it to a more visible location, in the house where you can readily view what they are doing. You could also learn how to unlock an iPhone 5 from AT&T. It may not seem like much, but if parents are not proactive in what their kids are doing, kids will easily access websites that parents do not want them viewing.